REAL People

It is time for love to negate hate. It is time to rethink our political agenda as we move further into dangerous relations, both abroad and domestically. Suddenly, some of our closest allies – Canada, Austrailia, Germany, France, and our now alienated neighbor Mexico – are wondering if they can even trust the United States. Today, our international goodwill is burning hot. Our President is a strange and angry man, who strays further and further from democracy and closer to war and decentralization each day. Moving forward, there is no room for doubt about climate change. It’s time for us to work together to keep Wisconsin beautiful and full of spirit. It’s time for real compassion and serious change.

It’s time for Jeff Rumbaugh.


        Photo by Maya Fairchild.

A Better Wisconsin in 2018


Sister Bay, WI.

Greetings fellow Wisconsinites! Welcome to an adventure that Scott Walker could never take you on – a journey of prosperity and kindness, one where we, as citizens of this great state add to our democracy, not dismantle it. We keep hearing about a lack of leadership within the Democratic Party, and Republican officials who will not stand up to our current President. I have an innate ability to care for others, to lead without discrimination or judgement. If elected Governor of Wisconsin, there will be no lack of leadership or inability to challenge the anti-American administration. I respect our environment, and will work to improve the quality of our inland lakes and rivers, and also work together with the other Great Lakes states and Canada to keep Lake Michigan healthy and clean. I promise to advocate for the elderly and our disabled brothers and sisters. I believe in health care for all as a universal right. We need to improve and continuously reinvent our public school curriculum as new challenges arise, making an investment in American society and economic progress. It is my hope that our citizens and farmers can come closer together to enhance our knowledge of how food goes from seed to shelf, and look for ways to step away from certain types of pesticides that can be harmful to humans and the environment. We believe in the Family Farm model. Our current Governor has saddled our state with enormous debt, but an alternative exists. There is hope for our future, and if elected Governor of Wisconsin, I will bring that hope to our state and our country like no other candidate. Please visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more information and updates. Thanks for your support!

In solidarity,