After living in Wisconsin for over twenty years, I have become enamored by it’s beauty, and the people I have met. It seems that many people in Wisconsin have someone in their family with a cabin somewhere in the state! I have travelled about the state, camping, hiking, seeing the Packers play at Lambeau Field, going to various events in different cities, and visiting friends and family. I grew up in Illinois, and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northern Illinois University. I moved to Madison, Wisconsin after graduating, and found my way into the Developmentally Disabled community. I received my State of Wisconsin Teaching Certification in Special Education from Edgewood College in Madison. For almost twenty years now, I have been advocating for and serving adults and adolescents with a variety of disabilities, most notably those individuals diagnosed with Autism.



I have met so many wonderful people in this profession, people who have taught me not to judge others, but to be respectful of our differences, and that is what gives me the ultimate skill in being a great leader. The mother of a young man diagnosed with Autism (whom I have been proudly serving as a part of his support team for over a decade) had this to say about me:

“You have the compassion, commitment & perseverance to solve our most difficult problems!” ~ Jane S.

So many dedicated professionals work within this community, and are so often forgotten when considering the importance of their work. I have always said that people are either working in the field of Developmental Disabilities for the passion or the paycheck. Those who are in it for the paycheck do not last long. I am running for Governor of Wisconsin for the passion, and NOT the paycheck. Regardless of where one stands politically, we must ask ourselves – do we want our public officials being paid off by corporations and billionaires? Are we voting for individuals to represent the people, or for individuals who represent special interests? Unlike our current Governor, I am dedicated to serving others. I am also very proud to live in Wisconsin, and will work hard as your Governor, as a passionate public servant. Thanks for your support!


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