Definitely Digestible


I remember driving across the country with my mom to visit family as a child, and during the trip, our windshield would be inevitably become plastered with dead insects, lured by our bright headlamps. That doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore, and insects, even the ones considered to be “pests”, play a valuable role in our ecosystem. Of course, if one’s residence is infested with roaches or ants, then eradication would likely be the remedy. However, considering the necessity of insects for our survival, I propose we reconsider our time-tested beliefs about them, and the giant, toxic empire that has risen on the shoulders of a cache of projected fears. With CAFOs on the table in Wisconsin today, we must consider the inefficiency and impact of utilizing meat as a staple to support a global growth in population in the billions in the not too distant future. While insects are eaten in many other countries, over time, insects as a food source will continue permeating the American diet. Farmers and businesses can adapt to accommodate production of such food sources. Protein-rich Locusts will not pollute our groundwater. Right now, to many this may seem utterly unbearable, but to our grandchildren, and their children, insects will be commonplace in the human diet. Such a diet, even in the most minimalist sense, can open huge job markets. While not looking to move forward on such an endeavor right away, as a campaign built on sustainability and care, I feel working to ensure that we have healthy, bio-friendly food sources for future generations is an important part of survival. Looking to maintain CAFOs and building technology to address the serious threat manure poses to our water supply is a recipe for more CAFOs. Build more machines to process manure safely so we can build more CAFOs or expand ones already in existence. Having that technology is important, but having the understanding that there are other, safer ways of facing the issues before us is more important.¬†Solely as a point of reference, even the Holy Bible invites a more varied diet.

Leviticus 11:22 These of them you may eat: the locust in its kinds, and the devastating locust in its kinds, and the cricket in its kinds, and the grasshopper in its kinds.


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