I believe that Wisconsinites agree in many ways that cannabis law reform is a mainstream issue that needs to be addressed. As Governor, I will legalize cannabis across the board in Wisconsin. Legalizing and heavily taxing marijuana will boost Wisconsin’s economy and generate important revenue. As someone with Epilepsy, I can certainly appreciate the empirical effects of medical marijuana on a wide variety of conditions. I understand the dire need for medicinal applications, and I also understand that decriminalization is something Wisconsin wants. Legalizing marijuana will stymie the growth of inmate populations, especially important since the enforcement of anti-pot legislation has been racially biased for decades. This campaign believes in offering tax breaks to those convicted of marijuana possession who open pot stores.  With mass financial reserves and their subsequent ability to potentially obtain permits at a rapid pace, it is important that big pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to push aside the farmers of Wisconsin as we exploit this new freedom.  America’s war on drugs has largely been a costly and failed mission, and the war against marijuana ends in Wisconsin upon my election in November.



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