The Bicycle


As of 2015, Wisconsin ranked in the top ten of the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly States Assessment. Gently rolling terrain provides opportunities for Wisconsin residents and visitors alike to enjoy more than 80 trails in the “rails to trails” system, and hundreds of miles of on-road bicycle facilities throughout the state. The Wisconsin Bicycle Federation is a non-profit advocacy group that is committed to making bicycling in Wisconsin convenient, safe, accessible and fun for everyone. Already, the continued investment in bicycle facilities (approximately $240 million total), has led to an estimated statewide impact of $1.5 billion annually. Voluntary registration fees could go to infrastructure repair (and be part of a database for stolen bikes). In addition, bicycles do not cause wear and tear on roadways like other forms of transportation. Embracing our bicycle culture promotes economic growth, diversity, and protects the environment. This campaign delivers support for bicycle use to make Wisconsin a more enjoyable and healthier place to live.




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