Our Wisconsin campaign is about compassion, and this election is about survival. In the wake of the dynamic and threatening advances made by Mother Nature, and with empirical evidence showing there are more to come, as a species, we must act faster than ever to combat climate change; we must ready Wisconsin for a stable and prosperous future!


  • Rebuild Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources. 

    • Protect inland waters.
      • Monitor phosphorous and nitrogen levels.
      • Maintain and improve fish populations.
      • Work with Farmers to:
        • Make small decreases in cattle herd sizes to reduce threat of manure.
        • Develop and enhance the use of Manure Digesters and other related technology.
        • Coordinate and share information on best practices regarding manure use and disposal.
      • Work proactively with wastewater treatment facilities.
    •  Fight Invasive Species.
    • Protect & monitor endangered and fragile species:
      • Revive the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee population.
    • Return “Wisconsin Natural Resources” magazine to bi-monthly status.
    • Oversee and maintain public lands.
    • Monitor and study ungulate herds and other creatures in Wisconsin to maintain and foster healthy populations.
    • Issue and oversee applicable licenses and documentation.
    • Continued partnering in research with the UW system.
  • Protect the Great Lakes.

    • Work with communities along Lake Michigan & Lake Superior.
      • Help coordinate Adopt-A-Beach and other localized clean-up programs.
    • Establish closer ties with concerned American and Canadian elected officials, industrial entities, and Great Lakes advocacy groups.
    • Exercise utmost caution when assessing requests for water extraction.
    • Utilize available technology to remove different types of waste.
    • Study and maintain fish and other aquatic populations.
    • Make decisions using science-based empirical evidence.
  •  Tax Industrial Polluters.

    • Create revenue for the DNR and also public school funding.
    • Force businesses to adopt environmental best-practices.
    • Reinstate the Mining Moratorium.
  • Outlaw Fracking.

  • Respect and engage with Tribal Elders in applicable discussion and decision-making processes.


  • Modernize (as needed) and maintain existing facilities.
  • Provide tax incentives to businesses creating and marketing eco-friendly packaging and re-useable containers.
  • Continually assess ways to move away from and reduce the use of plastic.
  • Make varying increases in the number of trash and recycling containers across the spectrum of Wisconsin’s park system.
  • Work with businesses and consumers to reduce waste.
  • Tax industries (when applicable) who are not utilizing post-consumer waste materials.
  • Integrate scientific applications in helping to break down materials already in land fills.
  • Integrate the study of plastics, recycling, and waste management into the public education curriculum.


I will keep Planned Parenthood’s doors open in Wisconsin.

  • I believe in a woman’s right to choose.
  • I believe Planned Parenthood is an important part of society.
    • Over 90% of the services provided by PP include:
      • Education about safe sex and STDs
      • General health care
      • Pregnancy testing & services
      • Patient education
      • LGBT services
      • Birth control
      • On-line care
      • Men’s and women’s services
      • “Spot On” app for women to track their menstrual cycle
      • Approximately only 3% of PP services actually involve abortion/abortion referrals.
    • PP’s main goal as an organization is to prevent unwanted pregnancies altogether.


  •  Body Cameras.
    • Body cameras are proactive in that they:
      • Increase the likelihood that justice will prevail.
      • Serve as a form of checks and balances.
      • Accrue valuable footage that can be used to train future cadets.
      • Can work in tandem with cameras on police vehicles.
  • Additional/Enhanced Training:
    • Terrorism.
      • Explosives.
      • Review urban layouts.
    • Mental Health.
      • Increase awareness of mental health conditions.
      • Connect with psychiatric and community support networks.
      • Increase the potential for safe interactions between civilians and police.
  • Community Integration.
    • Public School visits for Q&A sessions.
    • “Police Academy”-style educational programs for interested students (6-8).
  • State Troopers. 
    • Ready to assist other states in times of need (not fossil fuel corporations).


  • Full legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin.
    • Eco-friendly industry.
    • Utilizations:
      • Medicinal.
      • Agricultural.
      • Recreational.
    • Decrease number of inmates jailed for minor drug charges.
    • Large-scale economic boost for the state.


  • Diplomacy should be employed whenever possible.
  • Against building a wall between the border of the United States and Mexico. 
  • Continue to build positive relations with Canada.
    • Commerce.
    • Environmental Concerns.
    • Access routes/transportation concerns.
    • Communication.
  • Build greater ties with China and other SE Asian nations.
    • Expand markets for the Wisconsin cranberry.
      • Food/Food products.
        • Cookbooks.
        • Jellies/Jams/Sauces.
        • Beverages.
          • Teas.
          • Juices.
          • Alcoholic.
      •  Homeopathy/health-related.
  • Repair, rebuild and improve our relations with allies and other countries.


  • Against nuclear weapons. 
  •  WI National Guard.
    • Ready to assist other states and territories in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Close Guantanamo Bay. 
  • LGBT soldiers proudly serve without stigma.
  • Women can assume all combat duties. 


  • This campaign is about Gun Safety, not Gun Control. 
  • Finding a symbolic means to express the desire for safety on both sides. 
    • Guns in the hands of mentally unstable individuals threaten all members of society.
    • “Agree on Three” (#AgreeOnThree) IS the gesture.
      • All firearms subject to a three-day waiting period solely in the name of safety.
        • Prevent the mentally unstable from carrying out violence on a whim.
        • Individuals who are familiar with firearms and respect the capacities of firearms understand the danger of such a tool in the wrong hands.
        • Anti-gun advocates realize that any change has to start somewhere, and Agree on Three is much better than current legislation.
        • Not a solution, but symbolic enough to finally admit the ultimate concern for safety on both sides of the issue.
  • Firearms should be registered with the state.
    • Promote justice.
      • Help prevent gun owners from being incriminated in scenarios where a firearm is stolen.
      • Assist law enforcement with investigations.
  • Investigate the effects of lead bullets used for hunting on the environment and humans.
    • Particles/fragments from ammunition found in game.
      • Children under six and pregnant women at greatest risk to lead exposure.
    • Toxicity factor as opposed to other types of bullets.
      • Copper.
      • Bonded.


  • Stymying the use of the internet based on class misrepresents freedom.


  • Support Affirmative Action.
  • Against the Death Penalty.
  • Support gay marriage.
  • Support Equal Pay.
    • Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
  • Voting
    • High School students become registered to vote upon graduation.
    • Individuals automatically registered to vote when renewing their drivers license.
    • Voting districts redrawn accurately by independent GAB.
    • Anti-gerrymandering legislation.
  • Support Black Lives Matter.
  • Support equal rights for LGBT citizens. 

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