Art. The New Job Sector.


Ahead of us lies a changing workforce. Industrialization and Artificial Intelligence cannot be stopped by borders or travel bans. America’s workforce will be redefined, where traditional gender roles will be challenged. A growing number of vocational opportunities will be ones only humans can perform, one opportunity being art. Both the private and the public sector can participate in enabling the field of art to absorb displaced workers. Companies that employ art projects can receive tax incentives and take on an incredibly wide range of innate and unique projects. In turn, art takes it’s effect on the human mind; offering a more appealing and sensational environment whose expressions could also prove to be a substantial investment in Wisconsin’s important tourist industry, which provides millions of dollars in revenue for our state each year. Businesses can truly benefit from the unorthodox and unique qualities that a once-bare three story brick wall brings now that it is emblazoned with some type of memorable stigma. Wisconsin’s workforce will regenerate itself in part through an eco-friendly expansion of the already lucrative tourist industry.



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