Our Fresh Water: Wisconsin Fishing

For more than a decade, walleye populations have been declining in hundreds of northern Wisconsin lakes. There are concerning studies and input from anglers regarding declining populations of a variety of fish, in some cases the average size of these fish is decreasing as well. Today, the average size of a panfish in Wisconsin waters is getting ever smaller, and panfish are the most heavily fished species in the state. Sport fishing generates a total economic impact of roughly 2.3 billion and draws approximately 336,000 non-anglers to Wisconsin each year. In 2015, The Wisconsin DNR reported that it sold about 1.4 million fishing licenses a year. Considering how intertwined our lives are with fishing, and the need to protect our sacred waters, the DNR will be at the forefront as stewards of our waters and the creatures that live within them. All of us must work on ending littering and increasing efficiency with water usage. Fishing is a defining piece of Wisconsin, extending beyond party lines, and must remain an important piece of our economy. As Governor, Wisconsin stands with it’s fish population in 2018.




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