Jeff Rumbaugh for Governor

Plastics & Packaging

Did you know that Wisconsinites currently throw away more than $100 million worth of recyclables in a typical year? Refuse is one thread that inarguably connects us all. All types of waste (and the ways in which we address their various forms) affect every one of us.  Landfills are stuffed with so many things which could easily be recycled but never are.  Many waste heap denizens have a lengthy life span, and plastic was built to last. As Governor, I will work with Wisconsin to develop, enhance, and expand applicable waste recycling programs, integrate other types of packaging, and decrease landfill content.


This packaging material was created by Ecovative, a company that uses agricultural waste to grow packaging into different shapes using Mycellum (mushroom root), where the material behaves like a nutrient instead of a pollutant.