REAL People

It is time for love to negate hate. It is time to rethink our political agenda as we move further into dangerous relations, both abroad and domestically. Some of our closest allies – Canada, Austrailia, Germany, France, Britain, and our now alienated neighbor Mexico – are wondering if they can even trust the United States. Today, our international goodwill is burning hot. Our President is a strange and angry man, who strays further and further from democracy and closer to oligarchy, war, and decentralization each day, embracing misunderstanding and dismissing science. Moving forward, there is no room for doubt about climate change. It’s time for us to work together in a different direction, one we can feel good about, to keep Wisconsin beautiful and full of spirit. It’s time to Care. For REAL.

IMG_7686            Photo by Maya Fairchild.
 *Logos for Jeff Rumbaugh for Governor created by Sean Rumbaugh.

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