Jeff Rumbaugh for Governor

A Better Wisconsin in 2018

Sister Bay, WI.

Greetings fellow Wisconsinites! Welcome to a journey of prosperity and kindness. I am the Candidate that cannot be bribed or bought. Serving the disabled throughout my career has been and continues to be a journey based on compassion, not a paycheck. W.E.B. DuBois once reminded us to “Heal the sick as a privilege, not as a charity.” I am the only Candidate who actually works in the field of healthcare. I support Medicare for all at a federal level, and the increased accessibility and maintenance of BadgerCare at the state level. Healthcare for all must become the standard in our country. Transitioning towards civility also includes the way we treat our inmates, the disabled community, our senior population, and our Veterans. As Governor, I will lead our transition to sustainable living, as ours is a world of finite resources, and it is to all of our benefit to keep that in mind as we rediscover rationality. This campaign is about how our state transitions into one we can be proud of, one we can all call Wisconsin.

In solidarity,